Fertile earth, rich forests,
endless sky, and flowing water.
There is no other place as blessed as this land.

Let us continue making shochu
with sincere intensity, unwavering focus,
greatest efforts, and unshakeable will
that is worthy of this rich, fruitful place.


Ever since the first drop of shochu began to trickle in 1885, Kuroki Honten has devoted itself to the art of shochu-making. Kuroki Honten’s commitment to making shochu comes from a genuine passion. This passion is not only about making shochu, but about our dedication to protect and pass down the local tradition and culture of shochu to the next generation. Kuroki Honten’s shochu-making, therefore, starts with farming. We cultivate the land, sow the seeds, grow and harvest the crop with our own hands. We even recycle the waste caused by shochu production as organic fertilizers, returning natures’ blessing to its source. That is how we make shochu at Kuroki Honten. It is a process that takes much time and effort. Yet, it is the only way we can achieve the kind of shochu we aspire to make.

Succession and AdvancementAspiration

Some things change. Some things don’t. As a successor of tradition, Kuroki Honten is determined to maintain the principles of the shochu-making culture. Progress and change, however, cannot be inspired by merely being protective of tradition. Kuroki Honten wishes to be a reformist who brings progressive ideas to the world of shochu-making. To achieve this goal, Kuroki Honten will continue to research and experiment in pursuit of the perfect shochu.

HandcraftedHuman Touch

Even if the production process is streamlined for efficiency, at the end of the day, the flavor of shochu is determined through a human touch. Shochu is made with our eyes, and our hands. The selection of materials, making of koji and mash, distillation and aging — human hand is involved in each step of the production. That is how we make shochu at Kuroki Honten. The process of handcrafted shochu is a cultural heritage of the South Kyushu region. We believe that it is the shochu-maker’s responsibility to protect and continue this tradition.

Shochu connects us, and enriches our lives. It loosens our hearts. It brings us closer. That is the reason we make shochu at Kuroki Honten.